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Circa 2015, Ma Baker found its home in the college town of Ypsilanti, Michigan. With the entire quartet pitching in on vocals, Jordan Smith (guitar and keys), Guy Williams (guitar), Jared Weimer (drums), and Dylan Risinger (bass), Ma Baker became a fixture of the local jam band landscape. 


Since then, they’ve grown into a full-fledged jam band with a notable following that would seek the depths of the Mitten just to hear their anthem, “Jammy.” 


Ma Baker has toured the upper east U.S., from various Midwest regions to New England, including Vermont and Connecticut. Some of these gigs have led to performances with acclaimed artists like Maruga Booker (Weather Report), Shondu Akeim (Rick James and the Stone City Band), and Andre Fox (P-Funk Allstars). They typically find their feet at regular venues including Tangent Gallery (Detroit, MI), Blind Pig (Ann Arbor, MI), Otus Supply (Ferndale, MI), and those alike. 


Ma Baker’s style incorporates a melting pot of funk, rock, jam, psychedelic EDM/house/rock fusion, blues, jazz, soul, and their innate ability to connect with more than one type of folk. 


Like jam bands do, they improvise on compositions and are constantly exploring new sounds from funk to jazz, and every concept in between. They seek this “improv-style” guidance from pronounced bands like Phish, Grateful Dead, and The Allman Brothers band. 


Their songs are written and rehearsed collectively and with this collaborative mindset, the Ma Baker troubadours merely find hope in the unified desire to create music. 


You’ll find this same hope in their latest album, Octoquarius. The aspiration continues with other significant EP and LPs including Willis Sound, Live at Groove on Up, and Cherry Feather Song (single).


Soon enough, you’ll be able to hear their single, “Falling Too,” featuring  Tessa Heldemeyer on vocals. This piece, among others, will be featured on their imminent 2021 debut studio album. 



With ambition of a large touring band, making appearances at prominent festivals and venues, you’ll want to keep up with the works of the “Bakery.”

Press Appearances